Alongside with the WP SoundSystem plugin, an API has been developed in Ruby.

It was originally built to add a tracklist importer feature to the WP SoundSystem plugin, by getting standardized datas from various music services like Spotify,, Musicbrainz, and many more – it even works with your own CSS selectors !

It is also used by the plugin to get playable audio sources automatically for a track (Youtube, Soundcloud, …), etc.

If you have installed the WP SoundSystem plugin, or if you are developing a music app, you definitely want to get an API key !

It took a huge amount of time to develop both the API and the plugin.
While the WP SoundSystem plugin is free, this API isn’t: it is a way to try to monetize all the work done, to keep the project alive.

The actual price is 5$/month or 50$/year.
Test it first! Get a free demo day by giving the plugin a rating on

Just contact me if interested.

Thanks !

PS: The WP SoundSystem plugin WILL work fine without API key. It just adds some nice features, and it is a way to support the work done – hundred of hours – , and to ensure its durability.