Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.

Drone Zone (Soma FM)

1 Ajna & Massergy Beyond the Abyssal Plains III Beyond the Abyssal Plains
2 Ian Ion Slappna Av Gringo Locomotion
3 Andrew Lahiff Gallery Of Glacial Thoughts A Perpetual Point in Time
4 Dead Texan I Cannot Help But Think Of You The Dead Texan
5 Discrete Logic Last Factory Song Texture
6 Nunc Stans Resolution Elementa
7 Mico Nonet Kaika The Marmalade Balloon
10 Winterhouse The Depths Of Winter Winter Gardens
11 Observation Point Ahau 23.5 Behind the Sun
12 Daniel Dorobantu & Manuela Marchis Nest Choir Nest Choir
13 Broken Harbour Between The Darkness And The Light The Geometry of Shadows
14 A Produce Dwell 2 A Smooth Surface (Special Edition)
16 84001 Nipp We look for things to make us go
17 Peter Bolander Double Dutch Lone Drifter