A perfect blend of midtempo and more upbeat electronica, featuring artists such as Bullitnuts, The Verbrilli Sound, Baby Mammoth, Thievery Corp, Boards of Canada, Royksopps, and Ltj Bukem. Beat Blender will keep you awake but not stress you out. Only from SomaFM.com.

Beat Blender (Soma FM)

1 Dzihan & Kamien Sliding (Feat. General Santana Gran Riserva
2 Quantic Sol Clap Nickodemus Presents: Turntables of the Hudson Vol. 8
4 Ulrich Schnauss And Mark Peters Ekaterina Underrated Silence
5 Atlantis Feat. Naomi Nsombi No More Excuses Hed Kandi: Deeper (Compilation)
7 Sade (Ben Watt) By Your Side
8 Phil Mison Lula CafŽ Del Mar Vol. 4
9 Bellagio A New Tomorrow (feat. Alma Rogers) Feeling Deep
10 Verbrilli Sound Impressions Of Stratosphear Leisure War
11 Cujo Fat Ass Joint Adventures In Foam
12 Emancipator Wolf Drawn Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
13 Molasses Curiosity (What It Is) Carte Blanche Vol. 1 - The Aquanote Session
14 Marine Machines Marine Machines
15 Groove Armada History  White Light
16 Quiet Daze The Scenic Route Viewing a Decade EP
17 Conjure One All That You Leave Behind Holoscenic