Reprezent 107.3 FM is a ‘youth-led’ radio station that reaches young people aged between 13 and 25 across London.

The station has its origin in a one-month Restricted Service Licence focusing on youth issues including gun and knife crime, which was a successful broadcast that enabled them to apply for a community radio licence. Reprezent won a full-time five year FM licence from OFCOM and from April 2011 Reprezent 107.3FM has been broadcasting live across London. Playing grime, UK rap and Hip Hop, electronic and bass, House and alternative music, it champions youth culture. Reprezent provides a platform for young people to showcase their talents but also to discuss social issues that affect them. It aims to challenge youth stereotypes and help young people better represent themselves in society. Their licence agreement says thus:

The station will give young people in south London access to their own platform for discussing issues that matter to them, representing their views, and dispelling negative stereotypes; and feature music they like, and which is rarely played on mainstream services.

Source : Wikipedia