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  • Is it obscure?
  • Is it amazing?
  • Is it at least 25 years old (1900 – 1989)?
2 Tater Totz and various guest artists came together to create two cover albums predominantly comprised of Beatles (and Beatle members) covers
3 Gerfried Feistritzer - Careless Love [Germany Ambient]
4 UA Derek Bailey – Solo Guitar Volume 2 [UK Free Jazz
5 Silûetler Dede Efendi 67 Turkish garage rock instrumental sporting an extra psychedelic fairground organ.
7 Lula Collins Determined To Make It In (197x)
9 譚順成 愛妳三百六十五年
10 Lahma Davis Give Me Your Love (Let's Talk About It)
11 Guido Maria Ferilli – uh! uh! [Italy Funk/Soul/Disco/Canzone] Funky italian disco boasting a killer synth bassline.
12 Staffan Abeleen Quintets Mr Minor
13 Terrie and Joy La Roy With The Bill Parker Show Band Without Love What Would Life Be
14 Ventral Metaphor - Revival Braille [Germany Downtempo]
15 Asami Kado - South Shore [Japan Jazz]
16 The Fran Wald Trio To Say Goodbye (70’s) late night lonely vibes
18 Roy Hightower & Gant Green False Advertising Part 1
19 Terrorist Trash Stars Stranger Things
20 Jean-Paul Sartre Experience Into You Some good early 90s rock from New Zealand to check out
21 FAR EAST FAMILY BAND Kokoro ~ brain-melting solos kick off around 3:30
22 Chris Beier - In A Nutshell [Germany Experimental]
24 Bild Der Frau Visions Of Pain
25 The Rogues Baby I Want You Back (USA