/r/vintageobscura : The Dustiest Place on Earth.

  • Is it obscure?
  • Is it amazing?
  • Is it at least 25 years old (1900 – 1989)?
1 Wonder City Orchestra (Joe Hisaishi) Changing
2 Nothing but Happiness Narcotics Day
3 Rev. Dave Evans and The Davis Singers This Is The Day (197x)
4 Unknown Subo Part of Explorer Series / Paraguay: Guarani Songs and Dances
6 Billy Robinson Evolution's Blend
7 Lily Uchi e Oide yo/Come Home With Me
8 Joel E and & The Dharma Bums Dharma Bums
10 Jive Five Featuring Eugene Pitt Crying Like A Baby
11 Alexei Bogoluboff Родина
12 Shelby Flint Angel on My Shoulder
15 Kitty Lanier (Come On Home) Everything's Alright
17 Kuniko Yamada Tetsugaku Shiyou
18 Bridge I Had It But I Lost It
19 Flatlanders Stars In My Life
20 The Parker Family Don't Ride the Pink Pony Year Unknown