/r/vintageobscura : The Dustiest Place on Earth.

  • Is it obscure?
  • Is it amazing?
  • Is it at least 25 years old (1900 – 1989)?
1 The Mighty Genesis & J. T. Hatten Hatten's Testimony (197x)
2 A Taste Of Honey Theme (‘75)
4 Rhodework Beer For Breakfast (198?)
6 A. Rahman Hassan & Orkes Nirwana Bimbang
8 Michael Cox and Joe Meek Don't Want To Know
9 Sonny Hugg Out in the Country
10 Itamar Assumpção e Isca de Polícia - Nego Dito [Brazil Funk]
12 Tilahun Gessesse Lanchi Biye
13 Palm Pizazz Momma Stay Awhile (Late 70’s)
15 Louis Heyward Going Back to the Southland (196x)
16 The Headliners Use Me (‘74)
17 TOO COOL CLAYPOOL If I Had My Way (Year Unknown) If You Like "Warfaring Strangers:Acid Nightmares"/heavy scumbag 70s psych
18 The Weeds Ten More Shopping Days (Till The Bomb)
20 Orchestre Paillote La Guinée Moussolou