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  • Is it obscure?
  • Is it amazing?
  • Is it at least 25 years old (1900 – 1989)?
1 Picky Picnic ピッキー・ピクニック - あいしゅうのメロデ - The melody of melancholy [Japan Minimal Synth
2 The Stray Trolleys Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter
3 Hermes Aquino Eu Quero Ser Teu Rei Perfect squelchy sunny day prescription-strength antidepressant
6 Amalgam – Mad [Netherlands Free Jazz
7 J.P. Goist Funky School : Absolutely killer slice of cartoon funk-rock. Total joy from beginning to end.
8 The True Tones- Let's Get It Together [US Funk]
9 Pierre Arvay - All Day Long [UK Ambient]
10 Rick Mason & Rare Feelings Dope
11 The Crossblood Experiment (The Cross Bloods) Orange Sunshine
12 Asia Minor Minimal Obscure Turkish-French band: a great "melange" of prog
13 The Crowns of Glory Look at Your People
14 Plisskenas Gauna Išangės Zondą Žalio Vyno not a lot of info
15 Henri Chopin - Les 9 Saintes-Phonies: A Retrospective [Netherlands Experimental]
16 VLADIMIR COSMA Petite pas cadencés
17 Party Day My Heroine from Glasshouse 12" EP
18 Skip Farian and The Jaxonians 1979
19 James Sanders & The Gospel Legends Born In The Country (197x)
20 Gospel Power Jeesus kuulee A rather smooth jazz-y/funky track about Jesus. Happy Easter!
21 NEAL HEFTI The Year of the Duck (Lord Love a Duck soundtrack )
22 The Trolls That's The Way My Love Is