/r/vintageobscura : The Dustiest Place on Earth.

  • Is it obscure?
  • Is it amazing?
  • Is it at least 25 years old (1900 – 1989)?
1 Ceasar Let's Do It With Love
3 Concrete Whistle Death (196?) Acetate
4 E. Williams Trade My Soul to the Devil
5 The McGavock Jazz Rock Ensemble Press On : Wonderful and soul-jazz groover with a killer vocal and lyrics from this school band. Super deeeeep vibes! As far as I can tell it's also an original song...please correct me if i'm wrong!
7 The Robert Coady Band - Before The Sun Goes Down [US/ Psychedelic Rock Blues
8 The Poets of Rhythm Hotpie's Popcorn Pt.I
14 The Musicales Help Me Make It Nice version of a lounge staple
15 Midwesterners Cigarette Smoking Women
16 Glenda Collins Something I've Got to Tell You
18 The Bentley Boys Down on Penny's Farm From Anthology of American Folk Music and was an early influence on Bob Dylan.