/r/MFPMPPJWFA : Music french people might play at a party or just with friends around.

2 Ultrasound Express Saharan Dreams
4 Charlotte Fever La Fille du Ciel
6 Kazy Lambist DJ Set (Ville de Montpellier)
7 Flight Facilities Foreign Language (Edited to 70s Bollywood)
9 WaMo 100 000 X le même ceaumor
10 Therapie TAXI Eté 90 (Clip Officiel / Rupture 2 merde)
11 Gaspard Augé Force Majeure
13 Lost Notes Society Endlessly Beating Heart
14 Parcels Overnight (Produced by Daft Punk)
15 Greg Loiacono (feat. Jamie Drake) "San Felipe"
16 LaBlue & Astrønne Femme Du Crépuscule
18 Dua Lipa Levitating Future Nostalgia
20 Deee-Lite Groove is in the heart