/r/jazznoir : Mysterious, melancholy and menacing music by swingin’ sax men and sultry sirens for hardboiled hepcats and leggy lookers. It’s late-night listening for luckless losers, and the soundtrack to strolls under street lights on foggy nights.

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1 Daniel Diaz piano+guitar+bass+drums+accordina
6 DUKE ELLINGTON Swampy River (Solo Classic Jazz Piano Synthesia). Hey all I made this video cheers
7 Nils Petter Molvaer - Hamada Friction
8 Erroll Garner Misty (Jazz Ballad Piano Synthesia + Double Bass) . Hey all I made this beautiful Synthesia from the transcription of Nik Perry (Yolkolai on Musescore) and I got his permission to create a video!
9 ÄTNA channeling vocals and piano into surreal elegies.
10 Brian Eno Decline And Fall (From "O Nome da Morte")
12 Jakob Bro Strands (alternate version)
13 Yoko Kanno/The Seatbelts Road to the West
14 Erroll Garner I uploaded this wonderful rendition from Erroll Garner! It's transcribed by Nik Perry and I have the permission to use his transcription to create this video. Cheers!