/r/jazznoir : Mysterious, melancholy and menacing music by swingin’ sax men and sultry sirens for hardboiled hepcats and leggy lookers. It’s late-night listening for luckless losers, and the soundtrack to strolls under street lights on foggy nights.

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1 小川美潮 (Mishio Ogawa) Shambhaline II
2 Daniel Diaz Film Noir & City Nights (album teaser 3)
3 Herbie Hancock with Freddie Hubbard Cantaloupe Island Blue Note
4 Art Pepper Thank You Blues (for Freddie)
5 Bill Evans: Sunday at the Village Vanguard Evans leaves the ambient noise of the venue in the mix
6 Dr. John "There Must Be A Better World Somewhere"
9 A Thousand Empty Rooms Atrium Carceri