/r/jazznoir : Mysterious, melancholy and menacing music by swingin’ sax men and sultry sirens for hardboiled hepcats and leggy lookers. It’s late-night listening for luckless losers, and the soundtrack to strolls under street lights on foggy nights.

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1 Lucia Cadotsch live in Berlin at Theater im Delphi While Lucia Cadotsch challenges all common vocal Jazz traditions
2 Trigg & Gusset Pick or Pluck
5 gaop They don't know that we know they know we know
6 The Future Sound of London The Whispering Masses
7 Lofijazzsoul Pacific Northwest Lofi Hip Hop
9 Philanthrope x Dotlights Anemone
11 ねじれたスーパーグラフィックス Jのブルース(別のファッションパーソンをフィーチャー)
12 Autumn Leaves melancholy jazz
13 Charlie Parker Summertime (Jazz Instrumental)
14 Niklas Paschburg at Theater im Delphi an embrace to lift anxieties and encourage meditation
15 Maria Pia De Vito Ancorchè Col Partire