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Djam Radio | The eclectic french radio

1 [Salut Les Filles] George Harisson While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2 [Salut Les Filles] Radiohead Creep (Acoustic)
3 [Salut Les Filles] Keziah Jones Rythm is love
4 [Salut Les Filles] The Knife Heartbeats (Jose Gonzales Accoustic Version)
5 [Salut Les Filles] Jehro Everything (Demo Version)
6 Ledjam Radio - Jingle Jingle - dub
7 [Salut Les Filles] Sufjan Stevens Chicago
8 [Salut Les Filles] Tom I Don't Know Why
9 [Salut Les Filles] Jose Gonzales Left Behind
10 [Salut Les Filles] John Mayer Love Song for No One
11 [Salut Les Filles] Keane With or Without You
12 [Salut Les Filles] Feist MUSHABOOM
13 [Salut Les Filles] Elliot Smith Say Yes
14 [Salut Les Filles] Archive Game Of Pool (Unplugged)
15 [Salut Les Filles] Herman Dune Neighbours (session)
16 [Salut Les Filles] Hal - Worry about the rain Worry about the rain - accoustic
17 [Salut Les Filles] Salut Les Filles Lundi 21h
18 Alabama Shakes I Ain't the Same
19 The Tiger Lilies Lilly Marlene
22 MATTHEW MCANUFF A Little Way Different
23 Cinema - In The Loop In The Loop - Les regions frontalieres
24 Romare Hey Now (When I Give You All My Lovin') Love Songs