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1 DangerDoom Space Ho's The Mouse and the Mask
2 Wale Oyejide Everything Changed Feat Ta'Raach (Remix) Africahot! - The Afrofuture Sessions
3 Kalyanji-Anandji Title Music (Bombshell Baby Of Bombay) V_A Bombshell Baby Of Bombay
4 Volfoniq Balkan Banghra Ernest
5 Queens of the Stone Age Make It Wit Chu Era Vulgaris
6 Radioinactive mint tea feat. la caution and 2mex The Akashic Record
7 Zenzile still can't sleep living in monochrome
8 Andre Tanker River Come Down River Come Down b/w Swahili
9 Sir Richard Bishop Pedro's Last Ride Salvador Kali
10 Afrosound la pava congona Album inconnu (17/01/2011 16:41:59)