(tracklist #349782)

1 ENDON Your Ghost Is Dead Through The Mirror
3 Shellac Watch Song 1000 Hurts
4 Acid Arab Buzq Blues Musique de France
5 Vision Of Disorder What You Are Imprint
6 Video Game Players DuckTales (The Moon Theme) [From "Duck Tales"] 40 Classic Video Game Songs
8 OWLS Everyone Is My Friend Owls
9 橋本潮 ロマンティックあげるよ (ドラゴンボール) - LIVE アニソンLive大全集 熱烈!アニソン魂「アニたまLive」vol.1 in AJF 2004
10 Muslimgauze Nabius Betrayal
11 BECK Mixed Bizness Midnite Vultures
12 ALMA Chasing Highs Chasing Highs
13 Black Manual Mordendo - Cut Hands Remix Mordendo (Remixed)
14 Capcom Sound Team Flash Man Stage Mega Man 2 Sound Collection
15 Squarepusher Terminal Slam Be Up A Hello
17 Earth September The Best Of Earth
18 Matmos Plastic Anniversary Plastic Anniversary
20 Mark Fell Sections 1-7 n-Dimensional Analysis
21 Mark Fell Sections 8-14 n-Dimensional Analysis
22 CAN Future Days Future Days (Remastered)
23 Rahsaan Roland Kirk Dominó Domino (Expanded Edition)
25 Takahiro Kawaguchi Horns Recorded Xenoglossy
26 Converge Concubine Jane Doe
27 Converge Fault and Fracture Jane Doe
28 David Sylvian The Good Son Blemish
29 Diamond Version Live Young EP 1-5
32 Incapacitants Yellow Silk Buddha A Purpose Not Necessary
33 Funkadelic Hit It and Quit It Maggot Brain
35 Capcom Sound Team Gemini Man Stage Mega Man 3 Sound Collection
37 Hot Butter Popcorn 28 Big Ones
38 MC Hammer U Can't Touch This Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
39 MC Hammer U Can't Touch This - Club Mix U Can't Touch This: The Collection
40 Koeosaeme Azimuth Obanikeshi
41 Parliament Mothership connection (star child)
42 James Brown & The Famous Flames I Got You (I Feel Good) The 50th Anniversary Collection
43 The Locust Anything Jesus Does Plague Soundscapes
44 Koei Tecmo Games Co. The Dragon Ninja - NES Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack
45 Glasser Limits to Growth Controlling Body
46 HARUOMI HOSONO Rock-A-Bye My Baby Hosono House
47 Bogdan Raczynski Samurai Masu Biitsu Samurai Math Beats
48 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back Mack Daddy
49 Lightning Bolt Dead Cowboy Hypermagic Mountain
50 The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight - Single Version The Sugarhill Gang - 30th Anniversary Edition (Expanded Version)
53 Melt-Banana A Beast in the Well on Your Hand Cell-Scape
54 Run–D.M.C. It's Tricky Raising Hell
55 Coco Bryce Polaroid Sunset Club Tropicana
56 Christoph De Babalon Expressure If You're Into It I'm Out of It
57 Capcom Sound Team Guile's Theme Super Street Fighter II Turbo Original Soundtrack
58 Anamanaguchi Another Winter Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (Original Videogame Soundtrack)
59 Godspeed You! Black Emperor Storm
60 Bruce Haack  Electric to Me Turn The Electric Lucifer 
61 Hella Biblical Violence Hold Your Horse Is
62 Nurse With Wound Soliloquy for Lilith 1 Soliloquy for Lilith
64 Otoboke Beaver Don't light my fire ITEKOMA HITS
65 Lanark Artefax Styx The Island Within / Styx
66 Venetian Snares Einstein-Rosen Bridge The Chocolate Wheelchair Album