Top synthwave tracks

1 FM-84 Running in the Night Atlas
2 Perturbator Future Club Dangerous Days
4 Daniel Deluxe Star Eater Magnatron
5 Charlie Simpson Tech Noir GUNSHIP
6 Magic Sword In The Face Of Evil Volume 1
7 Miami Nights 1984 Ocean Drive Turbulence
8 Dance With the Dead Invader Near Dark
9 VHS Dreams Nightdrive Trans AM
13 Perturbator Humans Are Such Easy Prey Dangerous Days
14 Daniel Deluxe Darkness Darkness
15 Carpenter Brut Turbo Killer TRILOGY
16 Lazerhawk Overdrive Redline
17 Wice Star Fighter Magnatron 2.0
18 Dance With the Dead Diabolic The Shape
19 Power Glove Power Core Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)
20 Mega Drive Converter Mega Drive
22 Carpenter Brut Roller Mobster TRILOGY
23 Zombie Hyperdrive Red Eyes Hyperion
24 Makeup And Vanity Set Implant Chrome
25 Dynatron Throttle Up The Legacy Collection
26 Thomas Barrandon The Quiet Earth The Quiet Earth
27 Arcade High Outrun This! Pixel Passion
28 Lazerhawk King of the Streets Skull and Shark
30 Perturbator Miami Disco Sexualizer EP
31 Mitch Murder After Hours Run After Hours
32 Nikki Flores Jason Endless Summer
33 The Midnight Days of Thunder Days of Thunder
34 Nightstop Streetwalker Streetwalker
35 Emil Rottmayer W.A.V.E (Bonus Track) Descend
36 Dance With the Dead Dressed to Kill Near Dark
37 Nightstop Drive-by Stalking Drive-by Stalking
38 Dance With the Dead Neo-Tokyo - Dance With The Dead Remix Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Deluxe Edition)
39 Lost Years West Side Lane Black Waves
41 Droid Bishop Light Years Retrowave
42 waveshaper Fight Against Time Solar Drifter
43 Dance With the Dead Waves Near Dark
44 Greta Link Venger (feat. Greta Link) The Uncanny Valley
46 Home Head First Falling into Place
47 Carpenter Brut Looking For Tracy Tzu TRILOGY
48 The Bad Dreamers Back To You Night Drive
50 FM-84 Never Stop Never Stop
51 Gunship Fly for Your Life GUNSHIP
52 The Midnight Sunset Endless Summer
53 Lucy In Disguise Echoes In Time Echoes In Time
54 The Midnight River of Darkness Nocturnal
55 Xtract Audiotool Day 2016 Audiotool Day 2016
56 Skjalg A. Skagen Decades Decades
58 OGRE Sound Negotiation's Over 195
59 Lucy In Disguise 1987 1987 EP
61 Emil Rottmayer Mega (Bonus Track) Descend
65 Dance With the Dead That House B-Sides: Vol. 1
66 Lueur Verte Emerald Rising Crystalica - EP
67 A.L.I.S.O.N Space Echo Space Station
68 Neon Nox Twisted Getaway - Original Mix Unfinished Business
69 Dana Jean Phoenix Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) Journeys
70 Carpenter Brut Le perv TRILOGY
71 Dance With the Dead Riot! The Shape
72 Robert Parker Sweet Nothings Crystal City
73 waveshaper Future Vision Station Nova
74 The Midnight Vampires Endless Summer
75 Gunship The Mountain GUNSHIP
77 Gunship Dark All Day Dark All Day
80 Scattle Knock Knock Hotline Miami: The Takedown EP
81 Power Glove Blood Dragon Theme Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)
82 Daniel Deluxe Soul Siphon Corruptor
83 Das Mörtal The Killing Hotline Miami II
84 Perturbator She Is Beautiful Dangerous Days
86 Robert Parker Running Wild Awakening
87 Sung Neon Artery Overizer EP
88 Gost Genesee Avenue Behemoth
89 The Midnight Los Angeles Days of Thunder
90 Jordan F Let’s Cruise Timelines
91 Lucy In Disguise Southbound Endless Echoes
93 Efence Spaceflight Lost Future
94 Carpenter Brut Paradise Warfare TRILOGY
95 September 87 Bad Dream Baby Bad Dream Baby
96 Lazerhawk so far away Visitors