1 Daphne & Celeste You and I Alone You and I Alone
2 David Fenech Spain Antigravity
4 Jon Kennedy The End Theme..... We're Just Waiting For You Now
5 Rezz Voice in the Wall Vol. 5
6 Julia Holter Feel You Have You In My Wilderness
7 Carly Rae Jepsen Boy Problems Emotion (Deluxe)
8 Sonnymoon Grains of Friends The Courage of Present Times
9 GFOTY All the Love I Had VIPOTY
10 Light Asylum Hour Fortress Light Asylum
12 Easyfun Fanta Deep Trouble - EP
13 GIRLI ASBOys So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya
14 Georgia Nothing Solutions Georgia
15 Dragonette I Get Around Sorority Row Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
16 Let's Eat Grandma Eat Shiitake Mushrooms Gemini
18 Kendrick Lamar King Kunta To Pimp A Butterfly
19 Goldfrapp Ride a White Horse The Singles
20 Sunflower Bean Wall Watcher Human Ceremony
21 Chromatics  I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around Just Like You
23 John Grant & Tracey Thorn Disappointing
24 Silicon God Emoji Personal Computer
25 Susanne Sundfør Accelerate Ten Love Songs
28 Julia Holter Sea Calls Me Home Have You In My Wilderness
29 Chromatics  Shadow - Radio Shadow
30 Panda Bear Come To Your Senses - Danny L Harle remix PBVSGR Remixes
31 The Drink You Won't Come Back at All Capital
34 Beach House Sparks Depression Cherry
37 Easyfun Full Circle Deep Trouble - EP
38 Leftfield Universal Everything
41 Tamaryn Cranekiss Cranekiss
42 Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) Real Love Real Love Only You
43 How To Dress Well Repeat Pleasure - A. G. Cook Remix "What Is This Heart?" (Deluxe Edition)
44 B▲BY Flash Drive Flash Drive
45 Holly Wawing Peach Winks Peach Winks - EP
46 Georgia Move Systems Georgia
47 Grace Mitchell Jitter - Single Edit / Spotify Version Raceday
50 Telepathe Drown Around Me Destroyer
52 Easyfun Easy Money Easyfun - EP
53 Iglooghost Mametchi / Usohachi Chinese Nü Yr
54 813 Biscuit Palace Body Race
55 Rytmeklubben Girlfriend Girlfriend
57 Unicorn Kid Boys of Paradise Tidal Rave EP
58 Kelela Kingdom Hallucinogen
61 Bop English The Hardest Way Constant Bop
62 Purity Ring heartsigh another eternity
63 CHVRCHES Clearest Blue Every Open Eye
65 Carly Rae Jepsen Run Away With Me Emotion (Deluxe)
66 Easyfun Infinity Glisten Easyfun - EP
67 Michael Mayer & Andrew Thomas Cicadelia &
69 Wave Racer Streamers Streamers
70 Holly Waxwing Sochi Girls Peach Winks - EP
71 Iglooghost Xiangjiao Chinese Nü Yr
73 Flight Facilities Stand Still - Wave Racer Remix Stand Still
74 Baio Brainwash yyrr Face The Names
75 LIZ CAND\LAND feat. LIZ First Album
76 Panda Bear Crosswords Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
79 Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) Only You Real Love Only You
80 Easyfun Shrek 5 Easyfun - EP
81 GIRLI So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya
82 Wave Racer Stoopid Rock U Tonite / Stoopid
83 Grimes World Princess Part II
84 Cuushe Gold Coat Chinese Nü Yr
86 Talk To Animals True Love Fantasy Tidal Rave EP
88 Kedr Livanskiy Sgoraet Sgoraet
89 Cafe Lanai Lanai Paradise EP
90 Lower Dens Your Heart Still Beating Escape From Evil
92 Johnny Jewel Tell Me (Feat. Saoirse Ronan) Lost River Original Motion Picture Score
93 Yumi Zouma Song For Zoe & Gwen II
94 Cuushe We Can't Stop Night Lines EP
95 Wave Racer Bubble Wrap Flash Drive
96 Gui Boratto Beautiful Life Chromophobia
97 Dominik Eulberg Taubenblut Falkenauge
99 Max Cooper Sea Of Sound (Ambient Rework) Max Cooper - Traum Collection