1 Hometown Heroes Crowd Surfing First Things First
2 Ready Steady Steroids The PED Dispenser The Forgotten Songs
3 Weigh the Anchor Distance Different Ways
4 Rival Town Hide Useless Hands
5 Mascots Draw Your Mind The Good in Me
6 Why Everyone Left Stand By This Is Not a Test
7 Offended by Everything I Call It Monotony Evergreen
8 This Time Last Year Limbo Limbo
9 Arcane Ghosts Sushi Human Interference
11 Such Luck Roots and Branches Patience Is a Virtue
12 Cemetery Drive Candle Searchlight
13 Lost in Stereo Demons Famous First Words
15 Northshore FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH For What It's Worth
16 Catch Fire Agnostic Karma Owes Me a Lifetime of Happiness
17 Better Days This House What You Did to Me
18 Loose End Cracks in The Curtains Overthinking Everything I Know
19 Dear Youth Await the Sobering You Could Wish Me The Best
20 RCKLSS Every Time So Cynical (EP)
22 The Second After Craigslist Missed Connections Treadmill at the Finish Line
23 Stickup Kid Soul Drive Soul Drive
24 Kill the Clock Triple Negative Doll Motion
25 Hang Tight Afterglow Afterglow
26 bloom. Better Way Better Way
27 A Crash Republic Sweet Apathy Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy
28 Come Clean Complicated Complicated
29 Crooked Teeth Hate Me Hate Me
30 These Five Years Landing Light Landing Light
31 Like Torches The Guilt of Surviving Loves and Losses
32 Alone I Walk Listen To The Rain The Hardest Years Yet
33 Skyline the City Royal Blue Royal Blue
35 Time of the Mouth Tears Tears
36 Summer Heights Lip Bomb Lip Bomb
37 First Ghost Waiting Waiting
38 PRSNA Cut Throat Cut Throat
39 When Particles Collide Bell Jar Fade to Gold
40 Facing New York Trouble Dogtown
41 The Rose Monarch Co-Pilot Co-Pilot
42 Saving Escape Pull Me Down Old Soul
44 Sun Drug Spirals Joyfreaker
46 Bottom Bracket Failures I Don't Care Enough to Stay
47 Makeshift Then and Now Remember The Feeling
48 Oldsoul Time Moves You Were Overwhelmed
49 Short Fictions Living in Places Like These Can Be Bad for Your Health (Can’t Live Here Anymore) Fates Worse Than Death
50 Taking Meds Tough Guy I Hate Me
51 PHONY most comfortable bed Songs You'll Never Sing
52 Øff Guard Bounce House Bounce House
53 The Everafter Call It a Night Call It a Night
54 Rematch Face To Face Broken Steps
55 With Sails Ahead Beesly Morning Sun
56 Fernway Big.Bad.Ugly Welcome to the Ground
57 Heavy Hearts Safe Bet Safe Bet
58 Super American How Big Is Your Brain? How Big Is Your Brain?
59 Coast To Coast Sovereign Sovereign
60 Dryjacket S U R F P A R T Y U S A S U R F P A R T Y U S A
61 False Idols Lashed Out Lashed Out
62 Rare Candy Want You to Know Want You to Know
64 American Teeth Gemini Gemini
66 Kids Amen Somebody Like You Somebody Like You
67 Man Overboard Lifeline Lifeline
68 Like Pacific Eviction Like Pacific
69 Hot Mulligan OG Bule Sky you'll be fine
70 Motives Death Throes Death Throes
71 The Burden L'appel Du Vide Sinking Feeling
72 Heart To Heart Someone [Else] Heartbreaker
73 Free Throw What's Past is Prologue What's Past is Prologue
74 Kayak Jones Nose Blunt You Swear It's Getting Better Every Day
75 Have Mercy 40oz The Love Life
76 Rich People White Mark Grace Session
77 Hexing Sparkling Water Temporary
78 Origami Angel Sapphire Gen 3
79 Bicycle Inn Clear My Head Opening Doors for Strangers
80 West Means Home Invitation West Means Home + Boxer Joy
81 Rarity A Numbness The Longest Lonesome
82 Jail Socks Parting Words It's Not Forever
84 Graduating Life Front Row Seats An Introduction to Rock & Roll
85 Paging Grace Sorry All You're Made Of
86 VISTA The Repair The Repair
87 Awake At Last Welcome to Life The Change
88 Dead Defined You Push Me Away You Push Me Away
89 Scared20 Leave It Untitled Leave It Untitled
90 Crossfire Collision The Girl from Dublin Deadlock
91 Lawsuit Models Worn out Sleeve Long Drives/Dark Nights
92 Rehasher Every Little War Every Little War
93 Television Supervision Volcano Waldo
94 Cliffhanger Hollowed Out Cliffhanger
95 Sweet Avenue Say You'll Stay The Difference Between...
96 State Line Syndicate Bones Bones
97 Those Deadbeat Summers Salsa Balls Salsa Balls
98 Stacked Like Pancakes Dammit Dammit
99 We Are The Union Self Care Self Care
100 Hitch & Go Find Yourself Find Yourself