1 Swales (Manchester) NYC 1988
2 Abbie Ozard (Manchester) Crocodile Tears
5 Sega Bodega Salv Goes To Hollywood Salvador
6 Violet Skies (Wales) Half My Life
9 Jordan Adetunji (N. Ireland) Questions
10 Joe James Lewis (The South) Day Dreaming
11 Anorak Patch (Suffolk) BEANS
12 Dokkodo Sounds (West Yorkshire) Wordless Attraction
13 GARDEN (Northampton) Love Me To Death
14 Zola Courtney (Devon & Cornwall) Desire
15 The Tarantulips (Channel Islands) Gush
16 Herts & Bucks) Your Brain or Your Body
17 Holly Humberstone (East Midlands / Lincolnshire) Deep End
18 Lavengro (N. Ireland) Want Your Girl
19 Nia Wyn (London / Wales) Love I Can't Ruin
20 Joy Anonymous (JOY)get over me
21 Evan Duthie (Scotland) You Got Lucky