3 Blanck Mass House Vs. House Animated Violence Mild
5 River Into Lake Devil's Hand Devil's Hand
6 Le Villejuif Underground I'm Sorry JC When Will the Flies in Deauville Drop?
7 Bryan's Magic Tears Ghetto Blaster 4 AM
9 Rachael Dadd Cut My Roots Cut My Roots
11 Julien Granel Défait Défait - Single
12 Watchoutforthegiants Taking Back Time Taking Back Time
15 Alice et Moi J'en ai rien à faire J'en ai rien à faire
16 Lord Esperanza Le temps des graviers Drapeau blanc (Extended Version)
17 Kel Assouf Alyochan Black Tenere
18 Gabber Modus Operandi Semeton 10 Ton HOXXXYA
19 Robbing Millions In the No Air Robbing Millions
20 Turner Cody Better Days Last of the Big Time Spenders
23 ÂA L'ignorance et la peur L'ignorance et la peur
25 Baxter Dury I'm Not Your Dog
26 Balming Tiger Kolo Kolo (feat. Omega Sapien & wnjn) - Prod. Unsinkable Kolo Kolo
27 Yael Naïm How Will I Know How Will I Know
28 Trixie Whitley Fishing for stars
31 Crystal Murray Princess Princess
32 Roxaane Contemplation Contemplation
33 Ascendant Vierge Influenceur Influenceur
35 The Pirouettes San Diego San Diego / Pli du cœur
36 NAYANA IZ How We Do How We Do
38 SÜEÜR Quand la logique SÜEÜR
40 Alyona Alyona Ostatni raz Ostatni raz
42 Hannah Diamond Fade Away Reflections
43 A. G. Cook So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings - A. G. Cook Remix So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings (A. G. Cook Remix)
44 Anna Meredith Inhale Exhale FIBS
45 Jacques Greene Do It Without You Do It Without You
48 Jay Mitta Downward Melody Ibiza Chillout Jam At the Villa
49 Naaz Do You? the beautiful struggle
50 Mykki Blanco Wish You Would Spring​/​Summer 2014
51 Joe Goddard Neverland Neverland
52 Silly Boy Blue The Fight But You Will
53 Alexis Taylor Catch Yourself Falling Concrete and Glass
54 Sébastien Tellier A Ballet A Ballet
55 Fivos Delivorias Thelo Na Se Xeperaso I Taratsa Tou Fivou
56 Felicia Atkinson Moderato Cantabile The Flower And The Vessel
57 Adriaan de Roover Tomorrow Maybe Leaves
61 Chouk Bwa Electric Mambo (Pawol Jatibwa) Electric Mambo
62 Lujipeka Palapalaba Palapalaba
63 Joan as Police Woman Out of Time
64 Flying Horseman Set Reset Set Reset / Where Do You Live
66 Lianne La Havas Bittersweet Bittersweet
67 Aloïse Sauvage Omowi Dévorantes
68 Sega Bodega Salv Goes To Hollywood Salvador
70 Ashley Morgan Revelate Revelate
71 Catastrophe Maintenant ou jamais Maintenant ou jamais
72 Noé Preszow À nous À nous
73 Protomartyr Processed By The Boys Processed By The Boys
74 Other Lives Hey Hey I Hey Hey I
75 P.R2B Océan forever Océan forever
76 Louise Verneuil Love Corail Love Corail
79 Zed Yun Pavarotti Iles Iles
80 Avondlicht Porta Hyperromance
81 Green Montana Séquelles Séquelles
82 Hervé Si bien du mal Si bien du mal
83 Hilary Woods love Birthmarks
85 Philemon Belly Dancers Hourglass
86 Under The Reefs Orchestra Une île Une île
87 WAYI Insecure Love In Progress
89 Squarepusher Detroit People Mover Lamental EP
90 Sophia We See You (Taking Aim) We See You (Taking Aim)
91 Nicolas Michaux Harvesters Harvesters
92 S10 SYNARGIS CHAONIA: Ogen Wennen Altijd Aan Het Donker SYNARGIS CHAONIA: Ogen Wennen Altijd Aan Het Donker
93 Glass Museum Abyss Reykjavik
94 Fenne Lily To Be A Woman Pt. 2 To Be A Woman Pt. 2