A biweekly updated playlist musical inspirations from all across the globe, both new and old, selected by Le Guess Who? festival.

Infectious Grooves

1 White Light I Hear A Whale Song Whale
2 Alan Braufman Sunrise - Angel Bat Dawid Sunset Remix Sunrise (Angel Bat Dawid Sunset Remix)
3 Lion's Drums Music From Memories Kagabas
4 maassai Next Chapter With the Shifts
5 Ariel Kalma Majick Creek Notes Above Land
6 Lori Goldston dice of play Oakland Moments: Cello
7 Ros Serey Sothea ប្រុសខឹងរឿងអ្វី កុំមើលងាយចាស់
8 Southeast of Rain Day 4: Constellations 42 Days
9 Tassos Chalkias / Τάσος Χαλκιάς I Efchi Tou Xenitemenou (Immigrant’s Wish) Divine Reeds
11 Lucrecia Dalt Nu No era sólida (outtakes)
12 Roy Montgomery Unhalfmuted (For Peter Principle) Island of Lost Souls
13 Alicia Breton Ferrer Having Fun Having Fun
14 Ale Hop La procesión The Life of Insects
15 Cylob Are We Not Men Who Live And Die IDMEMO - A Future Of Nostalgia (Compiled by Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe)
16 Neo Museum Area Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980—1988
17 J Foerster Four Glass Steps Four Glass Steps
18 Ichiko Aoba Asleep Among Endives Asleep Among Endives
19 Wau Wau Collectif Mouhamodou Lo and His Children Mouhamodou Lo and His Children
21 Abelardo Carbono La Cumbia Sampuesana La Cumbia Sampuesana
22 Muchos Plus Love Misunderstood Nassau's Discos