1 The National You Had Your Soul With You
2 The National Carin at the Liquor Store
6 Brian Fallon My Name Is The Night (Color Me Black)
7 Sam Fender Hypersonic Missiles
10 Brian Fallon If Your Prayers Don't Get to Heaven
16 Brian Fallon Come Wander With Me
17 Brian Fallon Little Nightmares
18 Bring Me the Horizon Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down?
20 Brian Fallon Her Majesty's Service
22 The 1975 It's Not Living (If It's Not with You)
27 Brian Fallon See You On The Other Side
33 The Killers When You Were Young
34 The National I'll Still Destroy You
35 The Gaslight Anthem Break Your Heart
36 The National Don't Swallow the Cap
37 Bring Me the Horizon Medicine
38 Bring Me the Horizon Wonderful Life (feat. Dani Filth)
41 The National The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
42 Bring Me the Horizon Mantra