Use this wizard to load one a playlist (check the supported services below). You’ll be able to listen to it on Spiff or to backup the playlist as an XSPF file.

Bangs (shortcuts)

  • spotify:playlist:playlist_id Spotify playlist
  • spotify:album:album_id Spotify album
  • lastfm:user:username LastFM user top tracks
  • lastfm:user:username LastFM user recent scrobbles
  • lastfm:user:username:loved LastFM user loved tracks
  • artist:artist:similar LastFM similar artist station
  • artist:artist LastFM artist
  • artist:artist:album:album LastFM album
  • lastfm:user:username:station:recommended user recommendations station
  • lastfm:user:username:station:mix user mix station
  • lastfm:user:username:station:library user library station
  • ...Or type any supported URL!
    • BBC Music Mix eg.:
    • BBC Music Programme eg.:
    • BBC station eg.:
    • Deezer playlist eg.:
    • Hypemachine URLs eg.:
    • IndieShuffle URLs eg.:
    • LastFM album eg.:
    • LastFM artist eg.:
    • LastFM similar artist station eg.:
    • LastFM user loved tracks eg.:
    • LastFM user recent scrobbles eg.:
    • LastFM user top tracks eg.:
    • Musicbrainz release eg.:
    • Online Radio Box station eg.:
    • Openwhyd Hot eg.:
    • Openwhyd Playlist eg.:
    • Openwhyd User eg.:
    • station eg.:
    • RadioKing radio eg.:
    • SomaFM station eg.:
    • Spotify album eg.:
    • Spotify playlist eg.:
    • Sputnik Music list eg.:
    • Subreddit eg.:

Supported services