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LuxuriaMusic is world renown for its timeless spectrum of musical genres. Once you listen, you’re hooked.


LuxuriaMusic is an Internet Radio station that broadcasts out to the world from a small studio in Hollywood, Calif. Now thirteen years old, the station’s programming concepts are both fresh and revolutionary, especially when compared with what’s going o­n in the prehistoric world of terrestrial radio.

What the listener hears upon tuning into LuxuriaMusic is a meticulously curated mixture of musical genres that make up the station’s eclectic alchemy. Surf Music, Bossa Nova, Exotica, Space-Age Bachelor Pad, Jazz, Soft-Psych, Sunshine Pop, Wall of Sound, Latin, Go-Go, and Film & TV music of the past 50 years are expertly distilled and blended in order to concoct the “highly intoxicating and sometimes hallucinatory” LuxuriaMusic Sound.

LuxuriaMusic airs three types of programming:

1. Live, interactive music shows hosted by DJs
2. Pre-taped shows by an international syndicate of DJs
3. Luxotron 10000: The station’s mascot, Luxotron is a virtual DJ/jukebox stocked with more than 8,000 songs

In addition to enjoying the fine music programming, a LuxuriaMusic listener can also interact with DJs and fans in our lively chat room. During live shows, the chat room fills up with people eager to discuss the music and/or any other topics. Friendships and romantic relationships have been cultivated in this virtual lounge.

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