Groove Salad (Soma FM)

Downtempo and chillout electronica featuring artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fila Brazila, Dhzian and Kamien, Afterlife, Zero Seven, Nightmares On Wax, Shantel, Groove Armada and artists on Pork Recordings, Waveform Records and Cafe del Mar recordings.

1The Currer Bell Version (Radio Edit)Marconi UnionUnder Wires And Searchlights
2Kineta LoungeEguanaLife Flows
3Wife (Piece Of Detroit Mix by Phil Ranelin)Prefuse 73Hefty 10 Digest Prefuse73Mixtape
4Satelite TankDzihan & KamienLost & Found
5North WestDe-PhazzDeath By Chocolate
6Ilha GrandeCeleste LearCloud 9.1
10Almost AsleepRithmaSingle
11Un World MysteriouseDimitri From ParisSacrebleu
12Alta ModaCarmen RizzoThe Space Left Behind
13Slow LightFila BrazilliaA Touch Of Cloth
14Naugahide (Spacetime Continuum Remix)PongaThe Remixes
15Night WindGold LoungeLe cafe abstrait by Raphael Marionneau, Vol. 10
16Seeya LaterBoards Of CanadaTwoism
17Alpha PhaseGlobal CommunicationPentamerous Metamorphosis

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