About Spiff Radio

This is the home of the XSPF Stations plugin for WordPress.

Check our published stations or create yours !

Run the Station Wizard to extract online datas (from radio stations, music services, tracklists, XML files, RSS feeds…); and generate a XSPF playlist that stays synced with your source.

You can then listen to your station directly on your website (coming soon, via Hatchet; or using Tomahawk.

Just enjoy the music, without the ads and the chat !

List of the published playlists in the WP Backend


  • Wizard
  • Source feed can be a webpage, an XML file, a RSS feed, …
  • Presets for popular services (Slacker, Somafm, Spotify, Radionomy, …)
  • Supports services URLs with variables (eg. https://soundcloud.com/%username/likes)
  • Caching
  • Tomahawk & Hatchet ready (coming soon)
  • Validate tracklist with MusicBrainz (slower)

Create a new playlist (Requires a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML)

In the WordPress backend, head towards the “XSPF Stations” section of the left menu.
It works like regular posts (add your station title, description, featured image…), but there is a new metabox (Station Wizard) under the editor :

Fill the informations required (Base URLs, Tracks Selector, …) then save your post.

Playlist Parser Wizard Metabox